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Joseph Green

Chief Executive Officer at LMSvoice

Joseph Green is a spoken word artist, educator, and narrative disruptor with over 20 years of experience creating dialogue that’s led to success in classrooms, boardrooms, and living rooms. He believes strongly in storytelling’s innate ability to connect people to their higher purpose and to one another – creating a world that is a better place for everyone. Joseph also serves as the CEO of LMSvoice, an educational consulting and production company.

With a background in theater and performance poetry, Joseph’s speaking engagements are a combination of his own life story, the stories of the hundreds of young people he’s worked with, and the wisdom of the infinite mentors he’s had through his journey. Having facilitated over 5000 workshops for audiences ranging from school-aged children to working adults, Joseph has led conversations on inclusion, mindfulness, substance abuse recovery, identity development, creative writing, youth empowerment, and more. 

Joseph started LMSvoice as an opportunity to collaborate with other powerful storytellers and leverage his years of experience into meaningful social change. LMSvoice is now comprised of 3 mediums of narrative disruption: 1) LMScurriculum, an ever-growing and free online curriculum featuring culturally responsive workshops, 2) LMSstorytellers, a space where we offer innovative storytelling practices that meet your unique lived experience, and 3) LMSstudio (formerly Memento), a production company pushing the edges of socially-responsible storytelling. LMSvoice provides all 3 mediums in an effort to restore humanity in all the spaces we occupy.